Oil & Gas Support

Due to the fact that many industries attract an increased risk profile, we recognise that helicopter operations with-in those industries need to be conducted strictly with-in the accordance with international standards.

About ASA



The only commercial helicopter service provider in Oman under Air Operator Certificate 003 by Civil Aviation Authority.
ASA operations fully comply with CAA & ICAO regulations and standard to configure the highest standards for performing tasks.


The company is staffed by a team of well-qualified professionals, with extensive experience with the British Army, Greek Armed Forces, Royal Air Force of Oman, Oman Air, North Sea Oil and Gas Operations, Aeromedical, and Air Charter Services, covering all aspects of Operations, Maintenance and Safety & Quality Management.

Oil & Gas SUPPORT Services

Collaboration options

Airbus H125 Helicopter

The Airbus H125 outclasses all other single-engine helicopters for performance, versatility, low maintenance, while excelling in high and hot and extreme environments. Has more than 33 million flight hours worldwide. H125 broke the world record for the highest-altitude landing and takeoff, performed on Mount Everest at 8,848 m.

Max load lifting by hook: 1400 KG
Max load by side Basket: 93 KG

This multi-purpose rotorcraft is tailored for:

Helicopter Emergency Medical Evacuation

Foldable Utility seats

  • Easily installable/removable (15 min. 2 technicians)
  • 1 or 2 foldable stretchers
  • 2 up to 6 seats to complement EMS kit